• Back-to-school health tips for Parents

    Preparing your kids for another school term, especially in-person, involves more than just new school supplies and new clothes. Ensuring they are in good physical and mental health will always be a top priority as they slowly integrate themselves into the classroom.
  • Virtual Care: Reinventing the way we see digital health

    Change is the only permanent thing in this world. And, so is technological innovation in many industries, particularly in healthcare. 
  • Dementia Connections Feature Article

    We are so grateful to have been featured in the Dementia Connections Magazine. Take a read below, or visit their website to read the full feature: Dementia Connections. 

  • Self-care activities you can start this Spring

    Start preparing for change and potential springtime ailments by stepping up your self-care routine. Let us celebrate the blooming flowers and the glowing sunshine with these springtime activities.
  • Why it’s important to build a healthy relationship with your doctor

    When it comes to relationships, your doctor might not be the first thing you will have in mind. Establishing a good connection with your doctor is an important relationship we should be nurturing. It allows us to build trust, maintain open communication, and inspire us to follow through.
  • Habits to Embrace the Art of Healthy Aging

    Habits to embrace the art of healthy aging Despite a very challenging year in 2020, there is always something refreshing and hopeful about welcomi...
  • Proven Research of the Benefits of Personal Health Records and My Health Journals

    My Health Journals is not a substitute for Personal Health Records, but rather an additional communications tool to support Personal Health Records. Read our latest blog post on the proven research of the benefits of personal health records and My Health Journals.
  • Ways to Motivate You to Track Your Food Intake These Holidays

    The season of festivities, hot chocolates, and gift-giving is right around the corner! While it is easy to get lost in the ripple of the most wonderful time of the year, it’s also important to try to balance between a healthy diet and enjoying the different food traditions that we get to fully revel in only once a year. Here's why tracking your food intake with My Health Journals is so important, especially during the holidays!
  • Writing as a form of healing: why using pen and paper can boost your personal growth

    When was the last time you truly acknowledged your feelings and wrote about them? When was the last time you used pen and paper to write your thoughts and memories? Studies show that journal therapy, or in other words "expressive writing" help individuals make sense of their past experiences.
  • Partner of the Month: Calgary Seniors Resource Society

    Partner of the Month: Calgary Seniors Resource Society Meet this month’s partner: The Calgary Senior Resource Society. Since 1995, the Calgary Sen...
  • 3 Reasons Why You Should Start Tracking Your Mood Today

    Read our latest blog post to find out the top 3 reasons why you should be tracking your mood daily.
  • My Health Journals is Looking for Our Next Cover Art, and It Could Be Yours!

      My Health Journals is searching for our next cover art. This is the first of our annual Canadian artist competition. If you are a graphic artis...