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Our mission at My Health Journals is to make a difference in senior care, and elevate the standards of health care nation wide. We donate Health Journals to individuals and organizations who need it most. You can help us reach our goal by donating to our Gift Giving Program.

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“I just want you to know how much I appreciate the health planner... It is so well laid out. Thank you.”

Eli (Canadian Cancer Care BC)

I have looked at many different options for journals over the last eight months as I have been travelling this journey - and nothing compares to My Health Journals. It is uplifting and a beautiful book to keep track of everything! Such a valuable tool!


Absolutely beautiful! We will be a promoter of the lovely journals from this end - and pass on this information to others who would love to have this as a resource!

Pam (East Edmonton Home Instead Senior Care)

What a beautiful and practical present. I have kept health records for almost twenty years about my weight, blood pressure, medical results from my cancer treatments, appointments, travel records, etc. in various files. Starting today, I can now keep all this information in one lemon decorated book. Thank you! 

Gunther B.

I am writing to express my gratitude for My Health Journal! I received it as a gift and it has become an excellent companion in helping me track my current health concerns, challenges, and successes. My Health Journal is an awesome tool in my toolbox for keeping me on track and organized. What I love most is having the information gathered at my fingertips for answering questions my Doctor may have and to assist me in a working partnership with my medical team. I encourage you to check it out, you will be happy you did! Thank you again for this gift!


What a beautiful book, and the details inside are so well thought out…. What a great way to keep track of everything on the go for clients, families, medical personnel, and caregivers! For anyone with a chronic illness - all the details are in one organized place for anyone to access . Love It!


I just received my lovely journal today and am so thankful for it.
It will be very well used by my daughter who has a lot of health problems. I can’t thank you enough!

Bernice H.