My Health Journal was born in 2020 from a goal to help individuals take ownership of their health! 

At My Health Journals, we are advocates for seniors and created this journal to help our vulnerable population manage their health in conjunction with their caregivers. These books are not just for seniors, anyone can use them! We believe that everyone can take ownership—have a say in their health—and live a healthy life, and it is our mission is to elevate the standards of care in Canada while helping you do just that!

These journals derive from our nursing process at www.aspencarehealth.com to initially help our senior clients in our care. The journals help new nurses take care of patients on a personal level by providing them with detailed information on patient's likes/dislikes, food sensitivities, medical history, health wishes, etc. These journals are not just for seniors or nurses. Anyone can use them - that's the beauty of these journals! It can help anyone keep track of diets, health goals, medications, past medical advice from doctors, food sensitivities, and overall health.  My Health Journal products combine beautiful designs and easy-to-use recording charts and pages that guide users to record their health transactions, journal their symptoms, and stay on top of their health! 

My Health Journals are beautifully designed and created with the individual in mind. Specifically created by Licensed Practical Nurses, this useful tool can help any individual, whether you are a senior, in a care facility, a nurse, recently had a surgery, or simply health conscious, this book is for you!