Gift Giving Program



Our mission at My Health Journals is to elevate senior health care across Canada. In 2020, we created our Gift Giving Program that enables donations of My Health Journals to people who need it most. 

So far, we've donated Journals to the following organizations: 

We know that these journals have had a positive impact on many seniors in their home, in home-care or in long-term care homes. We also know that these journals have been a companion to individuals living with various illnesses and offer support during difficult times. We hope that our contribution and the contribution of our community has helped make a small difference in senior care in Canada.

If you're someone, or an organization with the same mission to help our vulnerable community, we would love to hear from you! We are seeking charitable grants and donations to help us continue gifting My Health Journals to future organizations and seniors who need it most. Email us to contribute to our program at

If you're an organization who could benefit from this program, we are looking to partner with you to help bring better senior care to our community.

Email us at