What it means to be a caregiver

This year, we want to embrace the art of caring. Caring means kindness and concern for others. We want to celebrate those who care and those who make caring their number one priority. We want to recognize those who care for the elderly, sick, youngsters, loved ones, friends, and the community. We at My Health Journals want to give tremendous ‘thanks’ to the caregivers out there, especially through COVID-19. 


Who caregivers are and what do they do? 

A caregiver can come in many forms. A caregiver can be a person, family member, or paid helper who looks after and supports an individual(s) who requires assistance with their health and daily living. They could be children, infants, the elderly, sick, or disabled people. A caregiver typically has multiple roles. Caregivers may be responsible for daily tasks such as helping a person with medical needs, toileting, getting dressed, eating and taking medications; as well as home tasks like doing the laundry, grocery shopping, cleaning the house, preparing meals, handling finances, legal matters, coordinating health care at home, and coordinating home maintenance. 

Individuals who require support may have a range of needs, from simple home duties to complex medical requirements. When it comes to the complex needs of individuals, we encourage caregivers and loved ones to seek professional caregiving services from a licensed practical nurse or health care aide. This way, family or friend caregivers avoid burnout and receive a helping set of hands that are qualified to handle medical complexities. Professional caregivers can also support family/friend caregivers while they’re away or working, giving them peace of mind that their loved one is in good hands. We at Aspen Care Health have a team of qualified staff that offer professional caregiving services and caregiver support. We are here any time if you need guidance or a helping hand. For more information, please contact us at Aspen Care 403-990-3837.

Who looks after our caregivers? 

We want to recognize the amount of effort, hard work, and love that goes into supporting others. Frequently, our caregivers don’t receive enough recognition for their work. There are many resources out there that support caregivers throughout their caregiving journey. We’ve listed a few in BC and Alberta: 

A lot of caregivers don’t recognize that they are “caregivers”, they simply just want to help and support their loved ones. From complex needs to simple ones, many caregiving resources aid in the caregiving journey by providing caregivers with the support and resources to empower them. We at Aspen Care and My Health Journals want to offer you that support. We provide Health Journals to make your caregiving management easier. Our health journals are packed with health tracking charts, medical history, notes sections, medication charts, mood charts and so much more.

At Aspen Care, we provide professional caregivers to help support you with your loved one on complex medical needs. Feel free to reach out via email info@aspencarehealth.com or phone us at 403-990-3837. We are always happy to guide you through your journey. 

We want to express our sincerest recognition to all of the caregivers in our communities. Thank you for supporting others and caring for them along their journey. 

You are a hero! 

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