What is the differences between the two health journals?

Both Health Journals are the exact same except for the graphics and artwork. Both include a twelve-month customizable calendar, notes pages, health charts, and both measure 7 x 9 inches. 


Does the Health Journal lay flat when opened?

It does! With our wire-o binding, we ensure that the book lay flat when opened for ease of use.  


Do pens bleed through the pages?

No they don't. Our team researched long and hard for the perfect paper weight so that pens do not bleed through the journal. 


Do the journals have blank notes pages inside?

Yes! Both journals have plenty of blank notes inside. 


Can I purchase the journal as a gift?

Yes you can definitely make a gift purchase! Navigate through the checkout process, and enter the recipient’s address in the shipping address section. Currently, we do not offer gift wrapping or personalized messages. If you would rather buy a gift card, please visit our online shop here to purchase cards of $25.00 CAD or more! 


I pre-ordered my product, how long will it take to arrive? 

We will have 100 books available by the end of March 2020, this does not include the time it takes to ship to you. If we sell out of the the first batch, we will be restocking our inventory. Typically it takes 2-4 weeks to restock our inventory. Predicting inventory is a hard part of our every day job. But we will do our best to restock as soon as we run out!  If you want more information on products, sign up for emails to receive important updates, sales, and freebies!


Do you have alternative payment methods?

Yes, we accept cash, or cheques which can be mailed to hello@myhealthjournals.co . Please write us an email with your order details, and shipping address. We will follow up with an invoice and a mailing address where you can send your cheque or cash to. Once we receive the mailed cheque or cash, we will issue you a receipt and ship your product. 


Can I get on a waiting list if you run out of stock? 

Absolutely! We are keeping a waiting list after the first batch of 100 journals run out. To join the waiting list, click here. 


How do I use my Journal?

There are examples throughout the journal to help guide you. We will also be posting videos every month on how to use the journal. 


How should I care for My Health Journal?

Our journals are hand-made and may wear and tear with each use. Each Journal goes through a careful quality check prior to shipping. We carefully package each journal in bubble wrap to ensure limited to no damage can occur during shipment. We do our best to give you the best! You can find tips on how to care for your journal on our blog here. 


Can I return My Health Journal?

Unfortunately we do not accept returns. We can only issue a store credit, or re-issue a Journal if it has been damaged prior to use.