Why it’s important to build a healthy relationship with your doctor

When it comes to relationships, your doctor might not be the first thing you will have in mind. Establishing a good connection with your doctor is an important relationship we should be nurturing. It allows us to build trust, maintain open communication, and inspire us to follow through.

Dr. Kristin Dean describes a doctor-patient relationship as the “human bond that develops between the doctor and the patient — it’s where the “care” in medical care takes place.” And just like in any relationship, this bond between a doctor and a patient is built on open communication, trust, and respect. 

Studies reveal that patients who are encouraged by their doctors to foster a relationship with them based on trust and open communication are more likely to adhere to medical plans, follow through with check-ups, and even embrace preventive health practices. This then, inspires patients to take ownership of their health. 

Particularly, “adherence rates have been found to be nearly three times higher in primary care relationships characterized by very high levels of trust coupled with physicians’ knowledge of the patient as a whole person.”

So how do you begin facilitating a healthy relationship with your doctor? You can start by being your own health manager and track your daily activities. You can do this by keeping a journal that has comprehensive charts and is very easy to use. Specifically, with My Health Journals’ medical appointments section, you can stay updated and keep a record of all your doctor’s appointments. Information stored in this section can help you and your doctor keep track of health notes and next steps, especially when it comes to drastic changes in your overall health. In the Health Journal, there is a section for “Questions for my Doctor”. Doctor’s will appreciate the extra effort you took to come prepared with your concerns, notes, and progress at your next appointment. 

They say it takes two to tango and it’s the same with nurturing a strong and healthy relationship with your doctor. Work as a team and on a partnership basis because at the end of the day, both of you share the same goal and that is to help you improve your health and live life to the fullest.

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Blog Written By: Joan Barredo 

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