The Only Health Tracking Journal You Need. Now Available on Loblaws Marketplace.

In the days of COVID, it is essential to track your health to minimize exposure and keep yourself in tip-top health. There are many ways you can stay healthy. We recommend one way in particular that allows you to stay organized and keep a log of your illness, daily health habits, track your vital signs, and more! We use My Health Journal as our daily health companion to help us fight against illness.

In this digital age, apps are another great tool to help you automate your health tracking. Apps can track your sleep cycle, menstruation cycle, treatments, and other health-related activities. We recommend using apps in conjunction with your health journal, so you can keep a record and present it to your care team or doctors when need be. Your Health Journal is a record of anything related to your health, think of it as your Health Bible. It can include your medical records, a history of your symptoms or illnesses, a list of your medications, your food diary, or anything else you think is essential to track. Check out the main benefits of using My Health Journals.

My Health Journals is the number one health journal in Canada! The Journal provides 19 sections of various health tracking tables, medical record tables, personal health sections, and more. We are in the middle of designing our brand new edition, to be released in the Spring of 2022. If you have any recommendations and design input, we’d love to hear from you? We love to hear from our customers, gain feedback, and get your thoughts on how we can improve our products to serve you better. We have only a few 2020 Journals left, get yours so you can start keeping track of your health. 

And guess what?! We are now listed on Loblaws Marketplace. Check us out on the Loblaws Website and get your 2020 edition today! 

Photo by Anna Shvets

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