Partner of the Month: Calgary Seniors Resource Society

Partner of the Month: Calgary Seniors Resource Society

Meet this month’s partner: The Calgary Senior Resource Society. Since 1995, the Calgary Seniors Society has evolved and adapted to expand their volunteer and social work programs to meet the growing and changing needs of our seniors. As the baby boomers continue to age, and with Gen X closing in fast, they continue this spirited growth to meet evolving needs and challenges. Their mission, similar to Aspen Cares’ / My Health Journals mission, is to provide a depth of support that creates meaningful and effective change in the overall well-being and quality of life of vulnerable seniors. Like us, they advocate for seniors and provide them with the necessary resources to live a long, happy, and healthy life.

Recently, we’ve partnered with the Calgary Senior Resource Society and gifted Health Journals to their program to facilitate deliveries to some of their seniors who are isolated due to COVID-19. The journals (link to shop) will help these seniors track their health, record symptoms, and assist them with communicating with their caretakers. We are thrilled we have developed a relationship with the Calgary Senior Resource Society. They are doing great things for our community and seniors, and like us, they want to see our seniors live with dignity. 

Some of the programs that the Calgary Senior Resource Society offers are: friendly check ins, volunteer drop-offs of various household items and groceries, essential transportation, care post, caring companionship, pet assistance, and more! To learn more about the various programs at the Calgary Senior Resource Society, visit their website.

If you’re a senior (age 65+) or your loved one requires additional support, whether it be some information on senior living, community engagement, or even require additional help with chores, give them a call, they’d be more than happy to provide you with the right information: 403-266-6200. Thank you to the Calgary Senior Resource Society for partnering with our mission of elevating senior care across Canada and with helping us give My Health Journals to seniors in need. If you would like to gift Health Journals to less fortunate seniors, please email us at for more information on our Gifting Program.

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