How to Care for your Journal

The My Journals are handmade with plenty of health charts to cover over 3 months of health reporting. The journals also include a 365 day customizable calendar and plenty of note pages inside. It is safe to assume it will show some wear and tear over time, but don't worry, we have listed the best ways to care for your journal below.

The My Health Journal goes through a careful quality check prior to shipment. Each book is wrapped in bubble wrap so limited damage can occur during the shipment process. However, as much as we try to prevent damage, we can't prevent all shipping bumps and bruises. Certain things can occur to your hand-made product in the shipping or production process. Things like slight bends in the binding, wrinkles and small indentions can happen, but we will do our best to make sure your journal arrives in its best condition at your door.

In order to keep your My Health Journal looking as good as new, we recommend the following: 

    • Purchase My Health Journal custom sized corner protectors
    • Keep your My Health Journal in a dry, cool place
    • Keep your My Health Journal away from liquids
    • You can wipe the exterior of your My Health Journal with a soft cloth 
    • Close your My Health Journal  from front to back, and never lift it from a single side
    • Store your My Health Journal in a safe place, like a book shelf or in an empty drawer
    • If you plan on transporting  your My Health Journal, consider protecting it in a box or in a cover before putting it in your bag
    • Avoid using ink pens in your My Health Journal to limit smudging and smearing 

    If you have any questions regarding the care of your My Health Journal, don't hesitate to contact us at, or visit us on Facebook!  


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