Back-to-school health tips for Parents


It’s that time again when you ease into a routine of back-to-school shopping, waking up extra early to cook breakfast, embracing the challenge of getting your kids ready on time, and the list goes on. 

But preparing your kids for another school term, especially in-person, involves more than just new school supplies and new clothes. Ensuring they are in good physical and mental health will always be a top priority as they slowly integrate themselves into the classroom.

That is why we rounded up these simple health tips so you and your family can kickstart the new school semester on a healthy note.

Give them healthy snacks

Research shows that 40% of the total daily calories for children two to 18 years old are actually empty calories. These came from added sugars in their snacks. Start their first day of school the healthy way by focusing on their nutrition, make sure they eat a hearty breakfast, and include fresh fruits in their lunchbox instead of processed snacks. To keep them excited, introduce new food and snacks as often as possible. Treat them as partners in this process and include them in the conversation by determining their favourite healthy snacks, their dislikes, and foods they want to try.


Teach them proper hygiene habits in a fun way

Inspire your kids to develop a strong understanding of how important personal hygiene is. We can’t emphasize enough how frequently washing your hands is the most effective way to avoid spreading germs. Encourage them to sing the ‘happy birthday’ song two times so they know how long it takes to properly wash their hands. When it comes to brushing their teeth, encourage them to sing the alphabet. Reinforce these habits as often as possible until they facilitate these practices on their own, especially in school.


Make a proper good night’s sleep a priority


Studies have shown that children, and even adults, lose precious sleep hours because of their overuse of digital devices before bed. But did you know that sleep is equally as important as nutrition and hygiene? On average, children need at least eight hours of sleep each night. As we transition from our flexible daily itinerary to a firmer school schedule, encourage them to slowly develop a consistent sleep routine. You can set a box where they can store their devices for the night and have them put their gadgets in the box at least an hour before bedtime. Establish a sleep schedule and include your child in the decision-making.


To help you keep track of all these changes as we take on another school year, you can keep track of all these schedules, routines, and information in one place. My Health Journals has a diet plan and a meal plan section where you can take note of your child’s food intake and food likes and dislikes. It also has a sleep tracker so you can monitor your child’s daily sleep routine and if something is amiss, you can immediately address it. We are running a back-to-school sale for parents like you! Just visit our shop and use the code BACKTOSCHOOL15 so you can enjoy 15% off your entire journal purchase.


Here’s to another fun and exciting school year!

Photo by Emma Bauso

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